- Bashful

16 de July, 2008

-So the entire family is on vacation.We decided to visit one of his godfathers and get away from the city.My wife decided to go to the pool with the kids and I stayed in the house to get some piece and quiet.My wife returns to tell me that Prime didn’t want to change his pants in front of the other little kids.I was shocked.I know kids get this way when they are 4 and up.But at the ripe age of 2, I didn’t expect my son to be so bashful.Eventually she was able to get him to change his pants by blocking the other kids and telling to hurry so the other kids don’t see.Wow.

-The only thing to fear is fear itself!

1 de July, 2008

When does fear set in? My son use to run into the dark with out hesitating. But, my wife and I noticed that as he got closer to his second birthday. He began to run out of the bedroom crying and some times he wouldn’t even go into a room unless the light was on. So what is it that brings on fear? I guess I am going to be pulled out of my seat every time to hear my son say light, light.


27 de June, 2008

I think I can say I am on my way. This is the second setup of my son’s site. The previous one had hardware issues and lost the site. So that was the last straw. The purpose of this site is to track my son’s (Prime) discovery in his world and my discoveries as a father watching him grow.